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What is an alternative sanitiser?

An alternative sanitiser are specialised pool sanitisation systems which are in someway different from the standard salt water pool. 

The Australian swimming pool industry is currently going through a transformation in the way of alternative sanitisers available to Australian swimming pool owners. 

The industry is seeing a large number of pool owners that are looking for something more than just another salt water pool. Whether the reason is to reduce medical ailments like eczema, health / relaxation benefits from magnesium or for the freshwater swimmer experience. 

PuraPool Pool Oxygen Pool System

Breathe life into your pool like nature intended with a PuraPool Oxygen low oxidiser mineral system. PuraPool oxygen pool systems combine both oxygen and mineral pool experience thanks to the Oxygen Minerale’s exclusive patented electrolysis process to generate ‘active oxygen’, coupled with our exclusive Himalayan Mineral Salts ‘PURASALTS’.
Sourced from the Himalayas, our pure and unpolluted rock salts contain 84 beneficial elements and minerals to help create a healthy balance in your body. 

PuraPool Oxygen Minerale Systems


  • 84 Beneficial Elements from PuraSalts 
  • Low oxidiser levels (0.5ppm)
  • Low mineral level (1600-2800ppm)
  • No chlorine smell or taste
  • Reduce sore eyes or irritated skin
  • Pure Natural water
  • Like Nature intended

PuraPool Oxygen Minerale Oxy 600
PuraPool Oxygen Minerale Oxy 1000
PuraPool Oxygen Minerale Oxy Plus

Freshwater Pools

The definition of a freshwater pool in Australia is a swimming pool that has a TDS (total dissolved solids) level of less than 800ppm (Parts per million) total. There is a unique swimmer experience that comes from swimming in a freshwater pool. Low residual chlorine level, Low chemical usage and light water feel are the  noticeable differences compared to most other types of salt water and alternative sanitisers. 

Enviroswim Freshwater Pool System 


  • Low chemical usage
  • Low oxidiser levels (0.5ppm)
  • Low mineral level (800-1500ppm)
  • No chlorine smell or taste
  • Reduce sore eyes or irritated skin
  • Reduces symptoms of skin irritations like eczema
  • Fresh water experience

Enviroswim ES3:- Enviroswim

Magnesium Pools

While magnesium is a mineral what makes a Magnesium (MagnaPool) pool different from a mineral pool is that it is free from Sodium Chloride (Salt).  MagnaPool minerals are a blend of Magnesium, potassium and borate which aid in muscle recovery and relax your muscles while you swim. The absence of salt in this patented blend of minerals hydrates and leaves the swimmer with soft and moisturised feel to the skin after use. 

MagnaPool Magnesium Pools Systems


  • Health Benefits of Magnesium
  • ORP and PH Chemical control available
  • Intuitive APP control
  • Reduces symptoms of skin irritations like eczema
  • Mineral pool swimming experience

Magnapool Pool System

Mineral Pools

Mineral pool is a confusing term in the swimming pool industry as there is not much context around what constitutes a mineral pool.  As salt (Sodium Chloride) is a mineral it could be argued that all salt water pools are mineral pools.  While this is true it is assumed that a pool with only salt added is a salt pool and a pool with a blend of salt and Magnesium (Magnesium Chloride) is a mineral pool. In short a mineral pool is different to a Magnesium pool by way of the mineral blend is made up of part salt and part Magnesium Chloride and a Magnesium pool has no salt what so ever.  It seems like every manufacturer has a mineral system on the market these days as they are essentially a salt chlorinator with a different label so you don't need a special piece of equipment to turn your pool into a mineral pool. 

Mineral Pool Systems


  • Easy conversion for all types of pool
  • Health Benefits of Magnesium
  • Mineral pool swimming experience
  • Mineral-based salt system
  • High in magnesium for a soft, silky water quality

Zodiac Elements Minerals

Ozone Pools

Ozone (O3) is a free radical sanitiser which attaches to chloramines (used chlorine molecule and oxidises it on contact. This process happens instantly and the reaction takes place inside the pipes before exiting into the atmosphere once entering the main body of water (swimming Pool). 

Ozone Swim Mineral system (B-Mineral) helps swimming pools combine the benefits of mineral salts (Dead Sea Magnesium) water with the power of Ozone to create the ultimate soft, clean, hygienic odour free water for your swimming pool minus the Chloramines

Ozone Swim (B-Mineral) Swim System


  • Low oxidiser levels (0.5ppm)
  • Low mineral model available level (1200-3500ppm)
  • No chloramines
  • Reduce sore eyes or irritated skin
  • Reduces symptoms of skin irritations like eczema

B- Mineral Ozone Swim System

If you would like more information on any of the different alternative sanitisers mentioned above please don't hesitate to contact us to talk to your local alternative sanitiser experts Platinum Pool Centre. 

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