Magna Chlor salt chlorinators are manufactured in Queensland by AIS (Australian Innovative Systems).  AIS also manufacture the Autochlor brand of salt chlorinators which are the benchmark of salt water chlorination not just in Australia but in the world. 

Magna Chlor salt chlorinators are a high performance salt chlorination system produces crystal clear pool water. It is safe, clean and is ideal for people with eye, ear and skin allergies when using conventional chlorine. At only 1/7th the salinity of sea water, the pool water has a soft feel which is ideal for people suffering from these problems.

Magna Chlor salt chlorinators have a 3 year warranty when installed on a domestic swimming pool. The ideal salt solution in the pool for these chlorinators is 5000ppm. 


  • An electronic sensing switch.
  • Variable chlorine output control.
  • Circuit breaker overload protection.
  • Automatic overload, protects power supply from over salting.
  • Automatic low salt warning light flashes if salt falls below the correct level.
  • The salt cell is very efficient and accessible when maintenance is required.
  • Computerised automatic control & display system.
  • New, clear, rectangular cell housing, with plated electrodes

If you require more information regarding The H2Flo Digital Premium Salt Chlorinator please contact us in-store on 07 55 591180.

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