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Pool heaters come in different shapes and sizes. Powered by different fuel types including gas and electricity ad mother nature so it can some times be hard to understand what the best type of pool heater is required for your pool heating requirements.

That's where we come in...........

Pool Heat Pumps - Powered by electricity

Electric Pool Heat Pumps in the last few years have taken over the swimming pool heating market in Australia.  Here in south east Queensland it is specially true as our mild winter temps mean you can get away with smaller heaters to heat your pool all year round. Thanks to their ever increasing popularity electric pool heat pumps have become more affordable to purchase, easy to install, reliable and super efficient.  The new inverter models are super quiet and so efficient that smaller units do the job of larger on off type heat pumps for less up front cost.  Installed with a pool blanket these units are the best value pool heating solution on the market today. 

Quick heating guide for electric heat pumps in SEQ:-

As a part of our Platinum Pool Heating Guarantee we always recommend the next size heat pump then required to ensure we always meet our customers pool heating expectations. 

Without the use of an additional pool cover an 8 x 4m (45,000lt) pool would require a minimum of 19KW to heat the pool to 28 degrees all year round running for a average of 8 hours per day. This would also require a significant power upgrade and double the electrical running costs to achieve the same performance. 

Combined with the pool cover a 9.5KW Heat Pump will heat an 8 x 4m (45,000lt) pool and will easily ensure 28 Degree's all year round running for an average of 8 hours per day. In this instance though we would recommend the next size pool heat pump bundle listed below. 

Pentair Ultratemp HX 12KW Heat Pump Bundle

*it is always recommended that a pool heating professional is consulted for sizing accuracy prior to purchasing a heat pump*

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Thermal Pool Blankets - A must have for heat pumps

If you have got this far you will know that having a thermal pool cover on your pool is a no brainer if you are going to install a new heat pump. These covers are like the lid on an esky (without it the beer would go cold or) without it your pool will suffer from in efficient heating and evaporation. Evaporation can be kept in check by a solar pool blanket, but for maintaining the pool temperature created by a heat pump is best done with a thermal pool blanket.

It is widely thought that solar pool blankets help the pool heat up due to the bubble chambers passing the the suns heat kinetically through to the pools surface (which is true) but during the night when the outside temps are at their coolest and the pool pumps / heater is usually switched off they are less effective at holding the hard earned heat in.  While Solar pool blankets will do the job......a thermal blanket will do it better. 

*Pool blankets can increase the efficiency of any pool heat pump by 50%*

Thermal Pool Blanket Options

Gas Pool Heaters - Powered by LPG or Natural Gas


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Solar Pool Heating - Powered by mother nature

Solar pool heating has always been the most popular type of pool heating in the past.  Low running cost and initial affordability have been the main reason for solar pool heating popularity. Powered by the sun this type of pool heating works best in the warmer months of our SEQ weather. Utilising the sun to transfer heat to the water kinetically through the solar absorber matting installed on the roof of your house, shed or carport this type of pool heater is very weather dependent which can lead to lack of consistency in water temperature.  Due to this inconsistency and lower purchase cost of more effective pool heating solutions like electric heat pumps solar pool heating has become less popular. Also due to the lack of real estate (being taken by solar electricity panels) on the roof there has been a greater shift to electric pool heat pumps as the cost of running is usually offset by the solar power panels has been adopted by more and more people.

Solar Pool Blankets - Powered by mother nature

Solar pool blankets help the pool heat up during the day when the sun is out. The heat from the sun is transferred from the air bubble chambers passing through kinetically to the pools surface. If you are thinking about purchasing a pool heater it is best to consider a pool blanket as well. While a thermal pool blanket is better for keeping the warm water in the pool a solar blanket will also do a good job of this and with reduce evaporation considerable as well. Whether you have a solar pool blanket or a thermal pool blanket either option will help maintain your poo water temperature more efficiently and reduce evaporation.

Solar Pool Blanket Options

Not sure what the best heating solution for you is?  Contact us for an obligation free quote.

Pool Heaters | Platinum Pool Centre - Gold Coast
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