MagnaPool Magnesium Minerals 

MagnaPool Minerals are the only patented blend of swimming pool minerals on the market that has a 30% Magnesium and 70% Potassium as well as other trace minerals to make up the total. 

Do I Need to use MagnaPool Minerals? 

As well as the proof from the extensive research completed during the development of the Magnapool magnesium mineral blend for swimmer experience and health benefits  is also important that Magnesium is kept at or below 30% total TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in the water to prevent magnesium staining. 

This staining can cause long term discolouration to your swimming pools surface due to the magnesium coming out of solution and plating on the pool s surface.  While this can usually be removed by draining the pool and acid washing the pool surface this type of stain removal is never guaranteed and somewhat more costly than using the MagnaPool minerals in the first place. 

If you would like more information on MagnaPool Minerals Contact us and one of our MagnaPool Experts will get in touch. 

Platinum Pool Centre are your local MagnaPool Specialists.

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