Crystal Aquatic Systems has manufacture and develop salt water chlorinators for a myriad of suppliers and OEM distributers and manufacturers in Australia for well over 2 decades. Well know brands such as Naked, Pentair, Pool Pro, Focus Products, Retro Chlor, Continental Water Systems and Soverign pool systems are all manufactured by Crystal Aquatic Systems.

The Crystal Clear EC Series salt chlorinator is the chlorinator which started it all.  These chlorinators are Robust and reliable. Built with direct connection salt cells and driven by a transformer these chlorinators are almost bullet proof and have been manufactured on the Gold Coast for over 25 years.  

With domestic, semi commercial and full commercial salt chlorinators Crystal Aquatic are the Australian Leaders in salt water chlorination.    Built Tough with transformers, direct connection salt cells and mechanical timers the domestic range of Crystal clear salt water chlorinators are built tough and reliable.  

There many Types of Crystal Aquatic Systems salt chlorinators depending on the application.

  • CrystalChlor E-Series Salt Chlorinators (Economical)
  • CrystalChlor EC-Series Salt Chlorinators (Domestic)
  • CrystalChlor EC-COMM Series Salt Chlorinators (Domestic)
  • Talline CrystalAquatic Transformer Series Salt Chlorinators (Domestic)
  • Slimline Vapure Transformer Series salt chlorinators (Domestic)

CrystalChlor salt water chlorinators are designed and assembled on the Gold Coast.

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