With so much choice in the market for a pool filter there is no surprise more people call on the expertise of Platinum Pool Centre to help supply them with the right pool filter solution for their pool.  Whether you have an existing sand filter, cartridge filter or a D.E (Dietomatious Earth) pool filter we haw a replacement option for you. 

Most domestic pools are within the range of 30,000lts to 90,000lts which means the most popular filters come in a size range to suit.  Some brands have similar products and some are exactly the same with different labels depending on whether they are being supplied as an OEM manufacturer. 

As we deal with most of the biggest brands in the industry we have excellent buying power in these core size ranges from each brand. 

In a sand filter the most popular size is a 24 / 25" filter tank with a 40mm valve and in cartridge filter elements the most popular size is 150sft filter. 

If you are unsure and need to purchase a new filter ASAP then it is always good to go with the same size filter as the one that requires replacing but as pool equipment and hydraulics evolve it is always best to talk to a pool professional to ensure that you are aware of any upgrade potential to increase the efficiency of your swimming pool filtration system. 

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