MagnaPool Magnesium Pools - Hydroxinators

The story of our MagnaPool® mineral pool begins with the simple idea of creating a swimming pool more in harmony with nature. A pool that would be better for the environment and gentler on sensitive skin. MagnaPool® is the only trusted and authentic ‘no salt’ (sodium) mineral pool available. Our pools are beautiful to swim in, better for the environment and beneficial for your health and wellbeing, thanks to the pristine water quality.

What is a Hydroxinator?

MagnaPool Hydroxinators use electrolysis convert the beneficial magnesium minerals into an oxidiser with residual sanitiser properties which removes bacteria, algae and contaminants from the pool water which enhances the swimmer experience created by the Magnesium base mineral bend for your family and friends.

Is a Hydroxinator the same as a salt chlorinator?

While both a hydroxinator and salt chlorinator use electrolysis to create oxidiser / chlorine to remove or prevent algae and This process of electrolysis is similar to the way a salt chlorinator works but is slightly different. With the magnesium, Potassium and other trace minerals in the water the parameters of a MagnaPool Hydroxinator are different to help manage the water quality and longevity of the unit in comparison to a standard salt water chlorinator.


If you would like more information on MagnaPool Hydroxinators Contact us and one of our MagnaPool Experts will get in touch. 

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