SuperPool pool equioment is a new name in Pool Equipment in Australian but the truth is most of these pool products have already stood the test of time under different brands accross the Australian swimming pool equipment market. 

SuperPool Salt chlorinators are no exception to this rule. Built in Queensland Australia these two digital salt chlorinators offerings are well built transformer powered digital salt chlorinator options with bipolar salt cells to help keep the heat down. 

SuperPool Premium Digital salt chlorinators are manufactured on the Sunshine Coast by Spanish owned (BWT) Aussie Chlorinators which are tried and tested by the H2Flo, Aussie Xtreme, Lincoln Digital, Legend Xtreme, K-Chlor Gold Series and Poolrite XT salt chlorinators. 

The new Zenith Digital Series salt chlorinators are likely to be a hit with a hreat price point for such a feature packed salt chlorinator. Manufactured by Gold Coast Manufacturer Crystal Aquatics this chlorinator retro fits the following brands of chlorinators. Neptune Digital Chlorinators, Oasis Digital Chlorinator, Vapure Digital Chlorinator and Naked freshwater systems. 

Check out our range of SuperPool salt chlorinators today | Platinum Pool Centre - Gold Coast

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