The term retrofit is commonly used in the Australian swimming pool industry refering to all types of pool equipment and spare parts. Put sipmply it means "the direct replacement of" the referred to product. It is common for pool owners who are looking online for a product or a cheaper / alternative price they will be on the lookout for either the exact same product or part or one that will directly retrofit the one that needs to be replaced.

Do I need to replace my pool equipment with the exact same make and model?

All types of retrofit pool equipment including Pool Pumps, Salt Chlorinators and pool lights are commonly available online whether it is exacly the same or if it is of a different brand but is specifically designed to directly retrofit that particular make and model. 

We commonly refer to retrofit products usually because the products are exacly the same but have another name and label (commonly referred to as white labelled products).

Are all retrofit procucts the same quality?

Where this is not the case some manufactures have made similar items that function in a similar way and are designed to replace without fuss (no plumbing changes, screw in screw) but aren't always the same manufacturer or quality as the original. 

This however doesn't mean that the original product is better than the retrofit product, although in most cases they are. Below is a list of product which in our opinion and based on years of experience where the retrofit product is beter than the original. 

What is the difference between retrofit and generic?

Retrofit is a practice where a piece of pool equipment is replaced due to fault or failure with another prodeuct exacly the same or purpose built to fit with ease. The term generic replacement refers to a product that has been specifically manufactured to replace anothe product or part either to gain a part of the market share or to fill a gap wher the original no longer exists. 

So a generic product is not the same but has been manufactured to fit a specific product or part where a retrofit product can be the exaclty the same as the original, a re-badged product that is the same or a manufactured generic procdut specifically designed to replace the original with a similar operational outcome. 

If you need more information on any of the retro fit product listed on this website let us know by calling our call centre on 1800 102 526 or contact one of our retail stores on the below info. 

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