Why are some products available in store only and some available to purchase online?

This seems counter productive right!

The truth of the matter is that some of our suppliers are still trying to navigate the internet / e-commerce world and how they are allowing their products to be sold to the end user (you guys).  This is generally due to the fact that they can't actually tell their customers (us) what price we can sell a product for under Australian consumer law but they can control how we are allowed to deliver their product to the market.

I'm sure the pool industry is not the only industry that has the same challenges and growing pains when it comes to ecommerce. There seems to be a clear divide in the retail market at the moment which can best be described in the following three types of business types. 

  • Bricks and mortar retail:- The old way of retail
  • Hybrid Retail:- The new way of retail
  • Online E-Commerce stores:- The online way (No bricks and mortar retail store)

In an attempt to protect the end user and price perception of the product in the market some suppliers are forcing internet policies onto retailers as a part of their terms of trade (usually a separate agreement / contract to actual terms of trade) which are limiting retailers on how they are allowed to bring some products to market. 

 Some of the clauses in these policies are as follows:-

  • No shopping cart allowed on product page
  • No shipping allowed (even if purchased over the phone)
  • Available In store only (technical product and IP protected products)

Usually the agreements have some sort of penalty built in in the event that these clauses are breached. Penalties such as :-

  • Supplier price increase (to make the dealer un competitive in the market)
  • Claw back of agreed back end rebate or bonus (usually a cash / Gift Card incentive).
  • Account closures 
  • Legal letter stating removal of companies IP and related images and logos

So while it seems a little strange that you have to jump through some hoops just to get a price or information on certain products it's not usually the retailer who is to blame for this. While we have tried to include as much information on the product page of all of our products regarding the above products if you would like more information regarding price, availability and technical information please don't hesitate to contact us on 1800 102 526 or email us at

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