With the industry wide drop in quality of some generic and genuine salt cells over the last few years both sold with new chlorinators and as replacement cells it's reassuring to know that we sell the leading Brand in Generic replacement cells in Australia. All of our Generic Salt Chlorinator Cells are sold with 10,000 hour plate and come with a 2 Year full warranty (12 Months in Commercial Applications).

Some manufacturers offer up to 6 Years (Pro-Rata) warranty but essentially only has 12 Months full warranty. If the cell fails in the remaining 5 years of the warranty there will be a discount off RRP which often ends up being more expensive than just buying a new replacement cell at market price. A good quality Generic cell should last 3-5 years depending (running 6 hours/day on average) on water quality and maintenance this is better than some new salt cells sold by some leading manufacturers of new chlorinators. If you see a generic replacement cell for your chlorinator for sale from us you can be assured that you are buying the best quality replacement salt cell you can buy......and at a great price!

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