Salt Chlorinators are the most common form of both domestic and commercial chlorination (sanitation) of pools in Australia.Via the process of electrolysis salts in the water are transformed into chlorine and a by product of this process creates hydrogen gas, this is why chlorinators are some times referred to as hydroxinators.  Having a salt water chlorinator of your pool at home or in the pool in the complex which you live is truly like having a liquid chlorine factory on your pool.

Sodium chloride in the form of pool salt is just one of the mineral salts which creates chlorine or sanitiser for your pool via electrolysis.  There are many types of Minerals (salts) on the market which can be used with most salt water chlorinators on the market.

Some of the minerals (micro nutrients) suitable for producing chlorine like Magnesium. can aid in the relaxation and rejuvenation of muscles and overall well being. 

As well as Magnesium other micro nutrients like potassium, chloride and calcium can  can help rejuvenate and aid in the treatment for various skin and systemic disorders.  

If you are interested in finding out mare about what minerals you can use with your new salt chlorinator or chlorinators in general you can contact us via our contact page or you can call us in-store on 07 55 591180 for a complete run down of our 

Whether you are in the market for a self-cleaning or a commercial salt chlorinator for installation, supply only or to purchase online Platinum Pool Centre have a chlorinator to suit your application. We stock all major brands of salt chlorinators and have second to none after sales support. 

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