What's your favourite swimming  temperature?  Well ours is 26 degree's all year round.  Not to hot.....not too cold! Platinum Pool Centre supply and install hundreds of Pool Heat pumps on the Gold Coast every year.  So if your still looking for the right heat pump to suit your pool and favourite swimming temperature then have a chat with the pool heating professionals today. 

Why a heat pump?

  • Uses 50-80% less cost to run than a gas heater
  • Great value for money - Best return on investment
  • Excellent quality - Mitsubishi inverter compresor
  • Temperature control from 20-40°(suitable for spas)
  • Silent mode features
  • Single Phase

Do I need a pool cover with my new heater?

The answer is usually always yes.  Having your pool covered will:-

  • Increase your new pool heat pumps efficiency by 50%+
  • Reduce water evaporation
  • Save on chemical costs

So depending on your pool size, location and swimming temperature required ask one of our pool heating experts which is the best option for you.

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