Pool heater controllers are used to control the run time and temperature control for your pool or spa heaters whether it is for solar pool heating, electric heat pump or gas heater. These controllers generally work by switching on the water pump to control the water flow through these pool heating systems to allow the heating to start.

Pool Heat Pump Controller
Dontek Solar Pool Heat Controller
Ascon MS3D Solar Pool Heating Controller

When the pool water temperate is below the desired temperature limit the water pump will run until the desired temperature is reached. 

Most controllers will start the pump for a short sampling period automatically for 3 minutes or so to obtain an accurate temperature.  If heating is required the pump will continue to run, if no heating is required the pump will stop and the last accurate temperature will be displayed until the next sample period. 

Some heat controllers have a feature which allows the controller to heat the pool until the desired temperature is reached, the controller then reverts to time-clock automatic operation. 

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