Refund Policy

Platinum Pool Centre will refund money in full for the following reasons. 

  1. An order which has been placed is wrong or incorrect and notification received prior to dispatch of the goods.
  2. An order which which is placed wrong, incorrect and notification is after the goods have been dispatched. A full refund will be given on return and approved inspection of the items.  
  3. The item or items are no longer required and are brand new in box (in good sell-able condition) and have not been used. A full refund will be given on return and approved inspection of the items.  
*In all instances excluding the first instance (1.) the buyer will require to return the goods to Platinum Pool Centre in good order and at their cost. 

    Exchange or Replacement Policy
    Any product which has been purchased incorrectly, deemed not suitable for the application or no longer required that has been used will not be refunded in full as it is no longer sell-able as a new product.  Platinum Pool Centre staff will on a case by case scenario offer a pro-rata refund depending on condition of returned item. If the product is to be exchanged or replaced with an alternate product from Platinum Pool Centre may at their discretion either reduce or retract any reduction in exchange and exchange the full value of the returned (used) item.  

    Warranty Policy  
    The Customer is entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and to have the goods repaired or replaced (at the manufacturer's discretion) if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality, fit for purpose or damaged or used on receipt or your order.  If the failure is deemed as minor, we reserve the right to offer to repair only. All products which have failed by either a major or minor manufacturers defect will need to be returned to the point of purchase at their own expense if required by the manufacturer as part of the warranty conditions. 

    All products returned under the guise of warranty will need to be inspected by Platinum Pool Centre staff, the manufacturer or other industry trained professional (evidence of this will be required eg. invoice of services). 

    We do not refund for a change of mind or circumstance. We will however entertain a swap or trade in on another item in the event of a miss purchased product as long as the customer pays full return freight and the product undergoes the scrutiny of Platinum pool Centre staff to be as new and in original packaging. 

    The Customer shall determine the suitability of the goods for their intended use and acknowledges, agrees and warrants that, as the use of the
    goods is outside of Platinum Pool Centre's Control, the Customer has not relied upon any representation, warranty, guarantee, advice, recommendation, information, or assistance provided or given by Platinum Pool Centre or anyone on its behalf, in respect of the suitability of the goods for its intended use or purpose, even if that use or purpose is made known to Platinum Pool Centre at any time.

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