Swimming pool maintenance is our thing Gold Coast......

We understand that not everyone needs a pool service ninja turning up on the regular to make you pool submit to their demands... Subtle right? 

Well all it really takes is some spare time and a bit of nous and you too can start your pool cleaning and general pool maintenance sojourn. 

Just remember that if and when you might need a little (or even a big) job taken care of then we are always there waiting in the shadows for your signal.

Our general pool maintenance services include:-

  • Onsite Equipment Inspection Service
  • Casual Health Check Service - Test and balance
  • Casual Pool Cleaning service - Platinum service
  • Green Pool Clean up Services
So if you are still looking for a professional pool service company get in touch with us by either filling in the contact form or Call us on 07 55256 161 to speak to a pool professional today

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