Have you forgotten you have a Pool?  That putting green in your back yard breeding mosquito's used to be more than a pond for algae bacteria and parasites! 

Your swimming pool can change from sparkling clean to green in a matter of days depending on the time of year.  Green pools are usually a direct result of the following three instances:-

  • Lack of Pool Maintenance
  • Pool Equipment Failure 
  • Environmental changes

That's why we have four different services which we can provide you to help you deal with your green pool issue. 

Whether it needs a Floc and Drop, Dump and Run or a Drain and De-Stain service we are ready to go when you are.  See the service outline on each of these services by clicking on the product image. 

Our Green Pool Clean up Services:- 

  • Floc and drop
  • Dump and run
  • Drain and De-stain

Not sure why your pool has gone green check out the information below:- 

Pool Maintenance Issues:-  Water chemistry, water circulation, pool filtration and pool chlorination are the four pillars of swimming pool health and efficiency.  These four factors as well as the general cleaning of your pool make up the majority of what most people would consider pool maintenance. Lack of pool cleaning alone is not usually the cause of your pool going green however, if you are not checking your pool on a regular basis then that is when things an go wrong.  If you check your pool equipment's operation, pool water chemistry and clean your baskets and filter on a regular basis then your green pool issue will usually be caused by another issue. 

Pool Equipment Failure:-  Your swimming pool equipment provide three of the four main factors which keep your pool healthy and sparkling clean. Pool filtration, water circulation and chlorination. The three main items which commonly make up your pool equipment are your swimming pool pump, pool filter and salt water chlorinator.  I there is an issue with any of these items it is likely that you will need to have them looked at by a licenced repairer.  While we offer licenced pool equipment repairs it is more often than not economical to have one of our trained pool technicians out onsite to investigate and diagnose any onsite issues before you pack up your equipment and bring it to us for testing.  

Pool Environment Factors:- Pool environment changes are the cause of a wide range of factors which could cause your swimming pool to go green.  Hot days followed by rain, high pool water temperatures and pool parties are all environmental factors which should be considered when addressing the problem of dealing with a green pool. 

No matter what caused your pool to go green something will need to be done about it in good time otherwise the cost of labour and chemicals to rectify the issue increase the longer you leave it. 

If you don't have the time or the know how to revert your putting green back to a crystal clear pool give us a call. 

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