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Evolution EvoChlor Salt Chlorinators are manufactured on the Gold coast with components sourced offshore and in Australia. These salt chlorinators are very popular with pool service professionals and pool builders alike.  Mostly concentrated in South east Queensland these salt water chlorinators are fast becoming the most popular salt chlorinator in the Gold Coast swimming pool equipment market. 

Evolution EvoChlor salt chlorinators come in a standard with a battery back up timer in their TS models.  They are also available without a timer.  These are less popular and are only usually used for special types of installations. 

Popular Evolution EvoChlor Salt Chlorinator models:- A15TS, A20TS, A25TS, A30TS and A35TS.

If you require more information on EvoChlor Salt Chlorinators you can contact us by email or call us on 07 55 591180.



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