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If your in the market for a new pool pump and live on the Gold Coast then you have got the right place. Platinum Pool Centre have specialised in supplying and installing new pool pumps. Check out our pool pump categories below....  

  • Energy Efficient / Eco Pool Pumps
  • Vortex Pool Pumps
  • Astral Pool Pumps
  • Hayward Pool Pumps
  • Davey pool Pumps
  • Poolrite Pool Pumps
  • Speck Pool Pumps
  • Onga Pool Pumps

Platinum Pool Centre specialise and stock all major brand pool pumps on the Gold Coast. Visit us in-store at one of our locations or contact us on 1800 102 526.

Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

15 products

Energy Efficient Pool Pumps not only save you money but sometimes save your sanity due to the low noise level that most of these pool...

Astral Pool Pumps

12 products

Astral Pool Pumps are a common sight in many Australian back yards. With majority of the pool builders in Australia choosing Astral pool pumps as...

Hayward Pool Pumps

10 products
Hayward Pool Pumps

Onga Pool Pumps

19 products

Whether your looking to replace your existing Onga Pantera PPP1100 or Leisuretime LTP750 pool pump or upgrading to the new Enviromax 1500 Eco pool pump...

Davey Pool Pumps

28 products

Davey Pool Pumps have long been a staple in the Australian swimming pool industry with reliability and durability the leading traits of these compact yet...

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