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Davey sand filters come in a few different models. While they may look the same there are a few differences which set them apart in their function. 

The Davey EcoPure sand filter is a full filament wound Fiberglass tank with a simple and effective Multi-port valve. This filter comes in two multi-port sizes which are 40mm and 50mm to suit all types and sizes of domestic swimming pools. 

The most popular Ecopure sand filter models are:-

DEP2140 - Davey EcoPure 21" sand filter with 40mm MPV
DEP2540 - Davey EcoPure 25" sand filter with 40mm MPV
DEP2850 - Davey EcoPure 28" sand filter with 50mm MPV
DEP3250 - Davey EcoPure 32" sand filter with 50mm MPV

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