Suction pool cleaners, also known as automatic or suction-side pool cleaners, are a type of pool cleaning device that operates by utilizing the existing pool's filtration system and water flow. These cleaners are attached to the pool's suction port or skimmer and use the power of water circulation to move around and clean the pool. Here's how suction pool cleaners work

When it comes to automatic pool cleaners in Australia there are two major types which come to mind, these are suction pool cleaners and robotic pool cleaners. It is important to educate your self prior to purchasing your next automatic pool cleaner so you can purchase the right pool cleaner for your pool shape, pool size, pool environment which also suits your lifestyle.

Suction Pool Cleaners: Utilises your pools filtration system and water flow to propel the pool cleaner in a random pattern (usually backwards) while it picks up dust. leaves and debris of the swimming pools walls and floor.
Mechanical Pool Cleaners: Mechanical pool cleaners are a type of suction pool cleaner as they also ulilise your swimming pools filtration and water flow like conventional suction pool cleaners do. However, these cleaners have a built in mechanical coverage pattern which helps guide the pool cleaner around the pool in a sytematical way resulting in a more economical and efficient coverage pattern depending the pools shape, type and amount of debris.
Robotic Pool Cleaners: Robotic Pool Cleaners are powered by a low voltage DC electrical power supply whic powers the unit and they have a coverage pattern similar to that of the mechanical pool cleaner. Robotic pool cleaners utilise this electricity and software to enable the cleaner to clean the pool without debris going directly into the pools filter. The leaves and debris are stored in the pool cleaners internal canister / filter which is to be manually cleaned when full.

With a wide range of pool cleaners on the market it is easy to get confused by which one is best for you. Your pool and surrounding environment is unique and requires a certain type or style of pool cleaner to efficiently clean your pools surface and debris type.  

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Whether it is a single moving part or forward moving mechanical suction cleaner or a hassle free robotic pool cleaner we have one to suit your pool. Check out the below list of popular pool cleaners we sell............... 

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