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Heating your pool in south east Queensland is becoming more popular than ever before.  

Everyone loves swimming in a heated pool so let Platinum Pool Centre help you choose the right pool heating system for your family.

Our expert pool heating team are specialists who can guide you to find the best pool heating solution from our range of pool heating products. Making you decision easy is what we excel in. 

With a range of solar pool heating, heat pumps and pool cover options to suit your application we will ensure you can use your pool anytime of the year.

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Which pool heating option is best for your pool? 

Pool Heat Pumps - Are the most energy efficient way to consistently heat your pool all year round. They are fast becoming the the most popular choice of Gold coast and South east Queensland residents. Working much like a reverse cycle air conditioner for water,  the new inverter heat pumps are providing great results as the must have system in pool heating in Australia. 

Solar Pool Heating - Solar pool heating uses the sun's energy to kinetically transfer heat your pool or spa. This system is made up of quality rubber matting which is attached to the roof of your house, shed or patio where it will be in direct contact with the sun. As the pool water is slowly pumped through the matting the pool water heats up to the required temperature witch is monitored by a solar pool heating controller. This is the most energy efficient system but water temperature consistency is reduced by environmental factors such as rain and cloud cover. 

Pool Covers - Pool covers used in conjunction with other pool heating system such as a heat pump will increase the energy usage efficiency by up to 50%.  Pool covers will also help to reduce your water loss from evaporation. It is recommended that some type of pool cover is used to make up your pool heating solution where applicable. 

Gas Pool Heating - Gas heating is not as common as it used to be but still has a very solid demand in the commercial and high end residential market.  Gas pool heaters have a very efficient heat exchange but this extreme increase in heat exchange comes at a high cost.  Gas is the most expensive fuel used as an energy source to heat your pool but is also the most efficient heat transfer.  This means that the pool water will heat up extremely fast in comparison to solar pool heating or even inverter heat pump systems.

Why Platinum Pool Centre?

Over the past 13 years, we have heated hundreds of swimming pools and spa’s in south east Queensland just like yours. We are a Local Gold Coast family business still run by the original owner.

We supply and install pool heating systems and solutions to all suburbs on the Gold Coast as well as selected areas in Brisbane and Northern rivers in NSW and are licensed for installations of pool heating in both QLD & NSW.

Platinum Pool Centre distribute for a wide range of quality pool heating products including; Inverter Heat Pumps, Boss Solar Pool Heating, Abgal liners and covers, Daisy Pool Covers, & many other brands & products.


Not sure what the best heating solution for you is?  Contact us for an obligation free quote.


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Please contact us on the form below for more information on our pool heating systems. Also don't forget to ask us about our Platinum pool heating Guarantee.

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