Thermal Pool Blankets are purely designed to trap heat produced by an auxiliary heating system like Solar Pool Heating, Pool Heat Pump or Gas Heaters.  Thermal pool covers float on the surface of the pool water which forms an insulated barrier between the heated pool water below and the environmental elements above. Environmental factors such a wind, ambient temperatures and ground temperatures are the main factors affecting the pool maintaining a constant water temperature. 

Acting like a doona for your pool the Abgal Heatshield Thermal Pool Blanket will help retain that temperature, stopping a whopping 75% of heat loss. It will also stop around 95% of evaporation, reduce chemical consumption by up to half, and if your pool heater is electric, will reduce your power bill substantially

Manufactured using a double reinforced, 4.5mm thick multi-layered construction, the water proof, closed-cell polyethylene foam gives the blanket its superior thermal resistance qualities. The impermeable base layer gives it its chemical resistance.

 Thermal Pool Blanket Benefits

  • Reduces pool water evaporation by up to 95%
  • Exceptional at retaining heat from auxiliary pool heating systems
  • Reduces heat loss by up to 75%
  • Reduces Heat Pump energy costs
  • reduces chemical consumption

If you are looking to purchase a Thermal pool blanket we recommend and stock the following types:-

  • ABGAL Heatshield Thermal Pool blankets

 *Thermal pool blankets do not stop leaves or debris from entering the pool and should not be purchased for this reason. 

Thermal Pool Blanket Rollers and Reels

All ABGAL thermal pool blankets can be installed on the Hydrotools Endurance pool blanket rollers / reels. Click Here to see our range of stocked Hydrotools Thermal Pool Blanket Reels. 

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