Platinum Pool Centre sell and install Astral Pool Cleaners.  We pride ourselves on making sure you get the right pool cleaner for your pool.  So we might ask you a few questions regarding your pool and pool cleaning requirements to make sure you get the best Astral pool cleaner for your situation.

We stock the following pool cleaners:-

AstralPool Robotic Pool Cleaners

AstralPool Viron QT1050 Robotic Pool Cleaner
AstralPool Viron QT1000 Robotic Pool Cleaner 
AstralPool QB800 Robotic Pool Cleaner
AstralPool QB600 Robotic Pool Cleaner
AstralPool QG50 Robotic Pool Cleaner

AstralPool Suction Pool Cleaners

AstralPool S20 Mechanical Suction Pool Cleaner

Platinum Pool Centre Supply and install AstralPool Robotic Pool Cleaners to all suburbs of the Gold Coast.  Alternately you can drop into one of our retail stores to pick one up today. 

For your piece of mind Platinum Pool Centre is an AstralPool Preferred supplier and warranty agent.

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