Solar Pool Heating

With a subtropical climate characterised by warm summers and mild winters, the Gold Coast is the perfect setting for outdoor activities, particularly swimming. Swimming Pools are an essential component of the Gold Coast lifestyle, providing respite from the heat. However, maintaining an ideal water temperature year-round can be a challenge. This is where the innovation of pool solar heating steps in, harnessing the region's abundant sunshine to provide an energy-efficient solution for comfortable pool experiences.

Pool Heater : What type of pool heater is best?

Pool heating technology has evolved significantly over the years, and among the various options available pool solar heating has emerged as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice.

Traditional pool heaters, such as gas pool heaters, are notorious for their high energy consumption and operating costs. While they are costly to buy and run they heat water extremly quick so they are solid options for applications where water needs to be heated quick or for spa and spa pools where the volume of water is smaller.

Pool heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular in SEQ over the last 5 years as new inverter models are more power efficient than their predecessors but are most efficient when heating a pool continuausly. Heat pumps are type of electric heater and are a great option for applications where electric solar panels are installed as they utilise the energy created by the solar panels when run during the day making them a very cost effective way of heating your pool consistently. 

In contrast, pool solar heating utilises the sun's natural energy to warm pool water, minimizing carbon footprints and reducing utility bills. The Gold Coast, blessed with an average of 245 days of sunshine per year, is the perfect canvas for the implementation of such eco-conscious solutions. While our weather is great most of the time solar pool heating can have inconsistent heating ability due to the fluctuation of available sunlight required to create the heat exchange required to maintain constant pool water tempreatures. 

Pool Solar Heating: How does pool solar heating work?

Pool solar heating systems consist of solar collectors that are strategically positioned (mostly north facing) to absorb solar energy and convert it into heat for the pool water.

This heat transfer is transferred connetically from the collectors absorber to the pool water which flows through the tubing at a controlled rate to maximise this heat exchange. These collectors are often installed on rooftops, adjacent surfaces depending on available space and sun exposure.

The Gold Coast's geographical location ensures a generous share of sunlight, which can be harnessed to achieve and maintain optimal pool temperatures when the weather is favourable.

This sustainable choice not only benefits pool owners but also contributes to the broader efforts of environmental preservation.

How much is pool solar heating? what are the intitial start up costs to solar heat your pool.

On the Gold Coast and surrounding areas the price of supply and installation of solar pool heating like everything has increased over the last few years.  To install solar pool heatingf on a 8.4m (32 Squar Meters or 48,000lts) pool the cost will be in the vacinity of $4500 - $5500 depending on whether you have a single or double story house. There may also be additional costs depending on the complexity of the pool pipe plumbing required for the installation. 

This amount includes:- 

  • The solar absorber / Matting
  • A solar Pool Heater Controller 
  • water pump to push the water from the pool up and around the matting on the roof. 

Advantages of Pool Solar Heating: Fiscal and enviromental gains.

The advantages of opting for pool solar heating extend beyond financial and enviromental savings.

  • Great return on investment with low ongoing energy costs to run as the system only requires a water pump to pump water around the Absorber. 
  • Minimal solar heating systems have minimal maintenance requirements, further reducing the cost of ownership.
  • Great for the enviroment as pool solar heating seamlessly aligns with the region's commitment to sustainable living.


Disadvantages of solar pool heating: What you need to know before you go green.

While solar pool heating seems like the ideal choice for pool heating due to its low enviromental impact and maintenance costs. There are a few things you need to know that may offset the positives.

  • Space requirement as solar pool heating collector / absorber (matting) requires a large amount of roof realeastae which may not always be available. (Or could be used for a better purpose like electric solar panels).
  • No guarantee of consistant pool water tempreatures due to weather and other enviromental impacts. 
  • Limited to season extender heating capacity only due to maximum heating gains of up to 12 Degrees celcius (average increase of 6 - 8 Degree's). 

Pool Heating Gold Coast

The Gold Coast's climate, with its abundance of sunshine and mild winters, provides an ideal environment for the implementation of pool solar heating systems. The subtropical climate ensures that solar collectors receive consistent exposure to sunlight, optimizing the efficiency of the heating process. This favorable climate synergy presents an opportunity for residents to make the most of their outdoor spaces and amplify the enjoyment of their poolside experiences.

As the demand for efficient pool heating solutions remains high, the allure of comfortably heated pools, combined with the desire for sustainable living, makes pool solar heating an attractive and viable choice.  By harnessing the region's abundant sunshine, pool solar heating systems epitomise innovation and environmental consciousness, creating a win-win scenario for all stakeholders.

However, if consistently maintaining your pool water tempreatures to around 26 degree's or higher than solar pool heating may not be an option for you. In this instance maybe a pool heat pump is the better option...... Pool heat pumps can utilise the energy captured from electric solar panels on your roof which can provide consistant tempreatures at an ever increasing efficiency to reduce the impact on the enviroment. 

If you need more information on solar pool heating or pool heating in general don't hesitate to get in contact with one of our pool heating experts to discuss what the best option for your requirements and your lifestyle today. 

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