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Commercial heat pumps are in a league of there own when it comes to supplying consistent results when it counts.  Commercial Pool heaters have the capacity to cope with the huge demands of any aquatic Swim School, hotel, resort or public swimming pool.  In fact there is not an aquatic facility on the Gold Coast that a commercial Heat Pump can't service.

Built with large water volumes and surface area in mind the new inverter technology and climate adaptive features of the new breed of commercial pool heat pumps from manufacturer's such as Madimack, Australian Energy Systems (AES) and EvoHeat far surpass the competition. 

With an average C.O.P of 15 most commercial Inverter Heat Pumps work all year to keep your power bills low while keeping your customers happy. 

Platinum Pool Centre supply and install Commercial Inverter Heat Pumps to all suburbs of the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers.

So if you would like to know Commercial Heat Pump is suitable for your commercial swimming pools heating requirements just contact one of our Platinum pool heating experts and we will work out the pool heating solution for your needs.

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