If your in the market for a new pool scoop and live on the Gold Coast then you have got the right place. Platinum Pool Centre have specialised in supplying all pool and spa accessories. Check out our pool and spa accessory categories below....

  • Pool Cleaning Equipment
  • Pool Toys
  • Solar Pool Blankets
  • Thermal Pool Blankets
  • Pool Blanket Rollers /Reels
  • Spa Accessories

Platinum Pool Centre specialise and stock a wide range of pool and Spa accessories. Visit us in-store at one of our locations or contact us on 1800 102 526.

Pool Cleaning Equipment

12 products
Pool Cleaning Equipment comes in all shapes and sizes from a pool scoop to the trust old manual pool vacuum head.  Platinum Pool Centre sell...

Pool Toys

7 products
Platinum Pool Center stock a wide range of swimming Pool toys to help you enjoy your pool more. From pool dive toys to inflatables we...

Solar Pool Blankets

15 products

There are many different types of Pool Covers, as well as many different reasons for installing a pool cover on your pool on the Gold...

Thermal Pool Blankets

5 products

Thermal Pool Blankets are purely designed to trap heat produced by an auxiliary heating system like Solar Pool Heating, Pool Heat Pump or Gas Heaters.  Thermal...

Pool Blanket Rollers

5 products
Dragging a pool blanket on and off your pool all the time can be difficult - and the fact is, if using your pool cover...

Spa Accessories

3 products

Platinum Pool Centre stock all kinds of Spa Accessories from Nature2 sticks to Vectro underwater vacuums.  Gold Coast spa owners can rest assured that we...

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