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At Platinum Pool Centre we have been providing pool cleaning, pool repairs and maintenance services on the Gold Coast for over a decade. You could say Cleaning Pools is our thing.........well that's just the start.  We have improved on our range of pool services which we offer over the years and what we found was that our most popular services are also our favorites. 

    Regular Pool Cleaning - All Gold Coast Suburbs

    Our Platinum salt water pool service is available in a 4 weekly (monthly), fortnightly and weekly schedule.  As is our Health check service.

    Our list of Regular Pool Cleaning Services include:

    • Health Check - Test and balance service
    • Standard Pool Service 
    • Platinum Pool Service

    See our regular pool cleaning prices > 

    Green Pool Clean - All Gold Coast Suburbs

    Our Green Pool clean up service is popular during the warmer months of the year. Whether it is from faulty filtration equipment or to environmental changes all pools are capable of turning green from algae from time to time. 

    Our 3 stages of green pool clean up services are as follows:

    1. Dump and Run 
    2. Floc and Drop
    3. Full exfoliation service (Drain & De-Stain)

    Pool Maintenance Programs - All Gold Coast Suburbs

    While our Magnapool, Enviroswim, PuraPool, Naked, Ozoneswim maintenance programs are a custom service programs created by us utilising our industry and product knowledge to provide a quality and efficient pool cleaning solution for our customers.

    Our list of Pool Maintenance Programs include:

  1. Magnapool Service Program 
  2. Enviroswim Service Program
  3. PuraPool Service Program
  4. Ozoneswim (MineralSwim) Service Program

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