Are you still looking for the right swimming pool heat pump to heat your pool? Well don't put it off any more! Platinum Pool Centre Recommend, stock and install Pentair UltraTemp Heat Pumps.

We recommend Pentair heat pumps because their market leading product when it comes to pool heating efficiency and reliability. With market leading warranty which covers parts and labour provides piece of mind for hassle free pool heating for years to come.

Pentair UltraTemp high performance heat pumps efficiently heat your pool to the desired temperature to increase swimming comfort. The UltraTemp range of heat pumps, extracts heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to your pool with incredible efficiency via their titanium heat exchanger. Unlike solar pool heating, heat pumps can reliably heat your pool rain, hail or shine and can be sized so you can swim in comfort year round, or even just extend your pool season.

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The ULTRATEMP High Performance range of Heat pumps from Pentair Water offer unbeatable value across their domestic range of horizontal (HX) and vertical (VX) Discharge heat pumps. Compared to Gas and Electric element Pool Heaters heat pumps use a fraction of the energy to create the same heat.

**Electrical connection is not included in all quoted prices**

Pentair ULTRATEMP Series unique features:

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• Automatic 4 way valve – auto defrost system

• Heating and cooling capability 
• Electronic expansion valve (EEV2) – Increased energy savings by efficient fuel flow
• Intuitive LCD Touch screen
• Hydrophilic evaporator coating
• Titanium threaded heat exchanger – 30% increase in heat transfer
• Flow switch and high pressure cut out to ensure additional safety and protection
• PVC and powder coated zinc-alume corrosion resistant cabinet
• Low noise fan blades 


Platinum Pool Centre have expert service technicians who can install all size heat pumps so call us for a quote today.  

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