There are many different types of Pool Covers, as well as many different reasons for installing a pool cover on your pool on the Gold Coast. Solar pool Blankets,Thermal pool Blankets and Leaf stop Pool Covers each have their place depending on the environmental factors impacting each individual pool. 

Swimming Pool Cover Benefits

There are many different benefits to having a pool cover on your pool.  The most popular reasons are to reduce evaporation and to help stop leaves and debris entering your pool which can cause staining to your pool surface. While both these reasons require a different pool cover type to achieve the best outcome.

These and some of the other benefits are listed below:- 

  • Reduces pool water evaporation
  • Helps to heat the pool water
  • helps to retain the heat from auxiliary pool heating systems
  • helps reduce the amount of leaves and debris from entering the pool

Solar Pool Blankets

Solar Pool Blankets are the most popular type of pool covers used in South East Queensland. Sometimes known as bubble pool blankets this style of blanket floats on top of the water to make direct contact with the pool water below. They work by transferring the energy from the sun kinetically to the pool water by heating up the air pockets formed inside the bubble of the blanket. Solar pool blankets come in different thicknesses (microns), colours and bubble shapes to help improve the transition of heat as well as increase the lifespan of the product. After all, a solar pool covers job is to be in the harsh Gold Coast sun all day, 365 days a year. 

These pool covers are generally the cheapest pool blankets to purchase and deliver the best value when used to reduce evaporation and to help increase the water temperature by around 4 degrees Celsius on average. While commonly sold in conjunction with solar pool heating and pool heat pumps to help retain heat a thermal pool blanket is the most effective pool blanket in this instance.   

Solar Pool Blanket Benefits

  • Reduces pool water evaporation
  • Transfers free energy from the sun to your pool
  • helps retain extra heat generated by solar pool heating systems

If you are looking to purchase a Solar Pool Blanket we recommend and stock the following types:- 

  • ABGAL Oasis 400 micron solar pool blankets
  • ABGAL Oasis 500 micron solar pool blankets
  • ABGAL Oasis Clarity 550 micron solar pool blankets

 *Solar pool blankets do not stop leaves or debris from entering the pool and should not be purchased for this reason.  

Solar Pool Blanket Rollers and Reels

All ABGAL solar pool blankets can be installed on the Hydrotools Endurance pool blanket rollers / reels. Click Here to see our range of stocked Hydrotools Solar Pool Blanket Reels. 

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