What is the best pool cleaner for a tiled pool?

Posted on by Jade Masters

Question:- What type of pool cleaner is best suited to a tile pool surface? 

Answer:- Hayward Navigator V-Flex Suction Cleaner (with ceramic shoes).

The Hayward Navigator V-Flex forward moving mechanical pool cleaner is by far the best pool cleaner for pools that have a fully tiled pool surface.  These pool cleaners are driven by the patented V-flex turbine and superior pool coverage is derived from the in built smart drive navigation system.  


It is imperative for all suction pool cleaner to have great suction so that the pool cleaner can 


All pool cleaners require good traction between the pool cleaners point of contact with the pool and the pool surface type. To ensure optimum coverage it is important that you choose the right shoe to suit the pool surface which the pool cleaner is to be installed.   

The Navigator pool cleaner range from Hayward pool products come in two models.

  • Hayward Navigator V-Flex - Concrete Pool Model
  • Hayward Navigator Pro - Fiberglass Pool Model

The difference between these models is the new V-Flex turbine technology designed with flexible veins in the turbine to help avoid blockages from long and larger leaf debris. 

How will either these models work in my fully tilled pool?....... Great question.

Both  the Navigator V-Flex and Navigator Pro pool cleaner models are suitable for absolutely all pool surfaces. The only modification that they may need is to change the material of the four shoes that give these pool cleaners traction. 

Replacement Pod Shoes - Concrete Pools (Stanoprene)
Replacement Pod Shoes - Vinyl / Fiberglass pools (Neoprene)
Replacement Pod Shoes - Fully Tiled Pools (Ceramic)



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