What type of pool cleaner is best for my pool?

Posted on by Jade Masters

When it comes to choosing a new pool cleaner for your pool there are a few things you need to consider.  In this article we will run you through some of the things you will need to consider before you buy as well as after you buy your brand new pool cleaner. 

Pool cleaners come in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs. There are 4 main types of automatic pool cleaners in the Australian market. It is not always the best value to buy the cheapest or the same pool cleaner as you have already got without first exploring your options. We will explain the 4 major categories of pool cleaners below.

Suction Pool Cleaners:- (backward moving single moving part | pulse cleaners)

Cleaner Design

Suction pool cleaners are the most common seen pool cleaner in Australia. These are commonly referred to as a kreepy Krauly or Zodiac pool cleaners. However, his pool cleaner class is not recognised by brand but by design. These cleaners are designed to be connected to the skimmer box via a vacuum plate and move around the pool in a backward motion following the hoses as it goes.  Scrubbing the pool surface with a mat or skirt like scrubber these pool cleaners tend to be restricted in their ability to cover the entire pool due to restrictions on the 

These cleaners are simple by design and function with only one moving part in the form of either an oscillator (Hammer) or diaphragm. While simple in design these cleaners are also simple in smarts. They are commonly referred to as pulse cleaners as they rely on the pulse created by the oscillator or diaphragm to create a pulse under suction from the pool pump. This pulse is what allows the cleaner to chug along the pool surface aided by the suction seal / scrubbing mat sticking to the pool surface to gain traction. 

Oscillator, diaphragm or turbine?

Oscillators are more common in the Pentair / Kreepy Krauly style of pool cleaners. Pool Cleaners such as the Pentair Torpedo, Kreepy Krauly VTX-7 and Pentair Great White II pool cleaners are the most popular pool cleaners in this class. Oscillator pool cleaners are known for their robust day to day There are other less know brands in Australia as well like the Pool Rover but remember that buying the cheapest cleaner is not always the best value. 

Oscillator Cleaners are best suited to:- 

Pool Shape - Free-form swimming pools
Pool Surface - Pebble, Concrete, Quartzon and Fibreglass / composite.
Debris Type - Small to medium debris size. 
Debris Load - Light to medium debris load. 
Pool Equipment - Standard pool pumps and sand / glass media filters

Diaphragm pool cleaners are the most common style of suction pool cleaner usually due to the quieter operation 

Diaphragm Cleaners are best suited to:-
Pool Shape - Free-form swimming pools
Pool Surface - Pebble, Concrete, Quartzon and Fibreglass / composite.
Debris Type - Small to medium debris size. 
Debris Load - Light to medium debris load. 
Pool Equipment - Standard pool pumps and sand / glass media filters


Suction Cleaner Pro's and Cons


  • Backward moving single moving part pool cleaner
  • Best suited to free form pool shapes ( Kidney shape, figure 8 or resort style pool.
  • Best suited for Small to medium sized debris
  • Best suited to pools no larger that 15m long


  • Pool coverage restricted by pool hose, pool shape and obstacles.
  • Not Suitable for Lap pools (not enough width to turn)
  • Not Suitable for fully tiled pools (not enough traction)
  • Not suitable for large debris (can get clogged in oscillator or diaphragm)
  • Not suitable to be used with an energy efficient pool pump. (not enough flow on eco settings)
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