How can you check if your pool is leaking?

Posted on by Jade Masters

Pool Leak Repairs

Pool Repair Tips: - How to perform an evaporation test

Evaporation tests are a trick we use in the trade to try and ascertain whether your pool is leaking or if the continually depleting water level is due to those damn north easterly's that are ripping through the Gold Coast lately. 

The theory is simple really, two bodies of water in the same environment at the same level for the same amount of time. 

This is how it works: -

  • First grab an empty bucket (the one without the hole in the bottom) and a few rocks from the garden or that brick that keeps popping up around the yard that you can't seem to get rid of. 
  • Put the bucket with the weights in the bottom of the bucket on the to step of the pool. 
  • Fill the bucket up to the same level as the pool is at on the outside of the bucket. 
  • Leave it for a week.....................Now check to see if the water levels are still at the same level.  If so it's all good and no need to call The Leak Detective!
  • If the levels differ (eg, The water in the pool is lower than the bucket) than there is a good chance the pool is leaking so I would suggest getting a leak detector out ti inspect where the leak could be coming from. 

Pool Evaporation Test - How to fix leak in pool?

Now if the bucket water level is lower than the pool than i would probably tie the dog up next time you do this test as pool water is no good for dogs to drink anyway. 

Common places where pools leak:-

The Hydro-static Valve -

The hydro valve at the bottom of the pool is a spring loaded one way valve designed to release the hydro-static pressure from beneath the pool by letting water into the pool when the ground water level rises above the bottom of the pool. 

Pool Penetrations -

Pool penetrations are anywhere below water level where pipes or plastic fittings penetrate the pool concrete shell or wall lining. These areas can deteriorate over time and cause a pathway or the water to seep out of. If the pool has a slow leak it could take months or even years to realise it. This will need to be checked by a leak detective who will check all penetrations in the pool with a dye test. 

 Pool Plumbing - 

Sometimes pools leak in the most awkward areas. The most common place a pool will leak if it is not the hydro-static valve or penetrations in the pool it's in the pipes. The most common place is the skimmer box it'self.  This will need to be either repaired or replaced depending on how ban the crack or damage is. 

There are plenty of other places in the pipes where water can escape like the elbow at the back of the skimmer.  Now all this information is nice to know but what should you do if your evaporation test fails. ... That's right call a pool leak detector. 

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