Pool Pump Repairs

Posted on by Jade Masters

Pool Pump Repairs

Pool pump maintenance tip | Avoiding running your pool pump dry.

I'ts imperative for good pump operation that you pool water level is maintained correctly. If your water level drops there is a chance that your pool pump will run dry. The below image shows a near new pool pump which has melted the impeller due to running with low water levels. 

How does this happen? 


Onga Pool Pump Repairs

How can I avoid this happening to me?

Well some good old fashion maintenance is the key to keeping any appliance around the home or yard working.  It should be a part of a general pool cleaning / maintenance routine that the pool skimmer and pump baskets are cleaned on the regular. This coupled with a keen eye for low water levels will do the trick. 

Some other things to look out for:-

  • Get someone to check your pool water level if you go away for more than a few days. 
  • Always top the pool up before you go and check it again when you return. 
  • Listen for gurgling noise coming from the pool....... no that's not Nessy it's the water being drained out of your skimmer box as the water has restricted the water intake to your pump. 
  • Check your weir door on your skimmer box isn't sticking.  If it is and it persists it might be better to remove it than have it ruin your pump. 

So I hope this helps solve a few of the mystery noises that comes from your pool equipment from time to time. Now remember it is always best to have a fully licensed repair technician carry out any repairs on your pool pump so if you need us were only a phone call away.

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